Being Comfortable

Being comfortable is something that everyone strives for and looks for. To be comfortable with their surroundings: places, people, events. 

But being comfortable can lead to a plateau and when we reach that plateau we aren't fulfilling our potential. Don't get me wrong, I love being comfortable - it doesn't give me stress or worry. 

But that comfortableness got to a point where I needed a change - and that change happened faster than I could have (or would) ever have imagined. In my professional life I felt like I had done almost everything I could have done - I had started as a young lawyer in a big office and moved through cases with trials, hearings, even appeals. I started off winning trials and even that appeal. Then went through a lot of losses. 

It’s not the losses that made me comfortable - in fact far from it. 

I got comfortable in my surroundings, my wife and I lived in the same place for six years, had the same jobs for that time. It was when we got back from a seeing friend get married in a destination wedding/vacation that we decided we needed to jump off the plateau and try something new.  

Now less than six months later I am sitting in a new office, in a new city, in a new state. Not knowing the Judges or other attorneys like I previously did. Not knowing if I am going to succeed like I previously did.

I have to re-establish myself and that, that is the part I look forward to.