Winning: The act of a person or thing that win. 

When I was in law school as an intern and then as a young newly licensed lawyer winning to me was getting evidence withheld by a bad stop and search of a clients vehicle. It was getting an acquittal at trial, whether that is jury or bench trial. And as a young attorney I had won and those wins were great. But over time practicing in the same courthouse for over 6 years I kept seeing the same faces in custody. 

That is when my definition of winning had started to change. 

I found that the greatest sense of “winning” I started receiving were not the favorable hearing or trial decisions, it was the clients who I was able to get into a diversion court or someone who had a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. 

One of my clients once sat in my office crying about how she couldn't do a diversion program - then 18 months later crying tears of happiness as she completed that diversion program and was starting her own business. Now she is still running that business and is very successful. 

Or another client who I keep in regular contact with who has been able to put her past actions behind her and continues to be successful and maintain sobriety. 

Getting and acquittal or evidence thrown out is a win and feels great, don't get me wrong. But being able to effect a lifelong change for the better is the real win.